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Nearly 10 years ago when social media and its use by decision makers had just begun, the Center for Political Communication (CPC) was established to examine the impact of new technologies on political discourse. Today, tracking Twitter feeds and social media accounts are as common as checking news headlines. 

The CPC remains at the forefront of understanding the intersection of political communication methods and influence. It owes its success to the collaborative spirit of an ever-expanding University of Delaware community that includes alumni and leadership in industry, government, and academia, all of whom share common interests in public opinion, American electoral politics, messaging and politics, free speech, and media. The list of publicity below highlights some of the media attention generated by CPC-sponsored programs and research.


Columbus Dispatch Online, October 18, 2017, "Kasich, Biden call for civility, compromise in dysfunctional Washington"

CINCINNATI.COM, October 18, 2017, "Kasich would say no 'hate speech' speakers if he were university president"

Delaware Public Media, October 17, 2017, "Biden and Kasich discuss partisan politics and loss of civility at UD"

WHYY-TV Online, October 17, 2017, " Twitter Email Biden, Kasich tout compromise and consensus at Delaware forum"

CBS3, October 17, 2017, "Politics Of Inclusion Takes Center Stage At University Of Delaware Forum With Biden, Kasich"

The Review, September 11, 2017, "Brianna Wu: From video game creator to political player"

The News Journal's Delaware Online, August 16, 2017, "Donald Trump has morally failed America: Khan"

USA Today, July 11, 2017, "Majority of Republicans say colleges have negative impact on country, poll says"

The News Journal's Delaware Online, May 22, 2017, "A less divided America starts with promoting inclusiveness at home"

WHYY's Radio Times, May 23, 2017, "Breaking down ideological battle lines"

The Review, May 9, 2017, "Hate speech: Professor talks problems and solutions"

UDaily, May 1, 2017, "'The Problem of Hate Speech'"

Politico, May 1, 2017, "The Strange Psychological Power of ‘Fox & Friends’"

Wired,  April 29, 2017, "Here’s What Comes Next in the Fight to Save Net Neutrality"

UDaily,  April 19, 2017,  "CPC Survey: March participants interested in both promoting, defending science."

The Open Notebook, February 21, 2017, "How to Talk to Your Facebook Friends About Fake News." 

The National, February 10, 2017, "The Power of Political Comedy."

Delaware Public Media, February 12, 2017, "Delaware Special Election Gets National Attention."

LSE US Centre, February 13, 2017, "Protests against Trump's immigration executive order may have helped shift public opinion against it."

The News Journal's Delaware Online, February 10, 2017, "Middletown race will decide control of state Senate."

The New York Times, January 22, 2017, "End of Biden Vice Presidency Dims Eight-Year Spotlight on Delaware."


The Atlantic, Dec 27, 2016, "How Comedy Became Education's Best Critique."  

TEDxWilmington, December 15, 2016, "A New Algorithm For Civic Life."  

The Atlantic, Nov 30, 2016, "How to Deal With 2016 Despair."       

PBS Newshour, Dec 5, 2016, "The very real consequences of fake news stories and why your brain can't ignore them."

The News Journal's Delaware Online, October 20, 2016, "'16 election: UD political satire guru talks late night."

WHYY's Radio Times with Marty Moss Coane, October 27, 2016, "Casting a ballot: distrust and security in our voting system."  

Huffington Post, October 10,  2016, "BREXIT: It Might Just Affect You."

The Globe and Mail, October 06, 2016, "The daily punchline: How late-night TV jokes are framing Trump and Clinton."   

Penn State College of Communications, October 28, 2016, Pockrass Memorial Lecture: "The Promise and Peril of Political Humor as a Rhetorical Device."

The News Journal's Delaware Online, September 26, 2016, "Delaware registered voters surpass 2012 totals."

The News Journal's Delaware Online, September 14, 2016, "Experienced Candidates Triumph in Delaware Primaries."

The News Journal's Delaware Online, September 12, 2016, "What to Look for in Tuesday's Primaries."

Tampa Bay Times, August 18, 2016, "Trump Clinton campaigns a gold mine for comedians."

London School of Economics US Centre Blogs, August 9, 2016,  "Awkward and theatrical as they were, for the public the conventions will soon be a distant memory."

Variety, August 9, 2016, "Before Wrestling Donald Trump, Seth Meyers Fought for His 'Late Night' Voice."

WHYY's Newsworks, July 22, 2016, "The convention's role in an unconventional campaign."

The News Journal's Delaware Online, July 10, 2016, "Matt Meyer seeks to stop Tom Gordon victory at polls."

The News Journal's Delaware Online, July 9, 2016,  "Bonini vows to make Carney fight for governor's seat."

The News Journal's Delaware Online, June 28, 2016, "Candidates bust a move vying for young voters online."

WVUD's Campus Voices, May 12, 2016, "Lindsay Hoffman and Courtney Bollinger: Continuing the Legacy."

The New York Times, May 9, 2016, "Conservatives Accuse Facebook of Political Bias."

The News Journal's Delaware Online, May 6, 2016, "Governor's race shows power of Delaware establishment."

The News Journal's Delaware Online, April 27, 2016, "No comment from Carper on awkward Clinton statements."

New York Magazine, April 27, 2016, "Could Facebook Swing the Election?"

Bustle, April 25, 2016, "Delaware Primary Predictions Project Sweeping Victories In The Diamond State."

Bustle, April 25, 2016, "Will Donald Trump Win Delaware? Victory Could Pay Off In An Unexpectedly Big Way."

Delaware Public Media, April 22, 2016, "Sanders supporters make a play for Delaware super delegates."

The News Journal's Delaware Online, April 21, 2016, "Delaware role grows larger in primary season."

The Wall Street Journal, April 19, 2016, "Delaware Presidential Primary Attracting More Attention Than Usual."

International Business Times, April 13, 2016, "Election 2016: Town Halls Are Cable News Staples In 2016, But They Don’t Always Help Democracy."

The Washington Post, April 12, 2016, "John Kasich has played Mr. Nice Guy. But can you ever be kind and finish first?"

WDEL 101.7 FM, March 29, 2016, "EdWatch: The Facebook Effect: What you say on social media matters."

The Review, March 15, 2016, "Clinton finds success in Delaware fundraising."

Raw Story, March 14, 2016, "Here’s how you can use the ‘Facebook effect’ to stop Donald Trump."

KJWP The Delaware Way for MeTV2, March 1, 2016, "Delaware Politics."

Wired, March 1, 2016, "Net Neutrality Is in More Danger Than Ever."

USA Today, February 29, 2016, "Battle brewing over transgender bathroom laws in state capitals."

Salon, February 20, 2016, "American elections enter a dangerous new era: Here’s what you need to know about Voter ID laws in 2016."

The News Journal's Delaware Online, January 13, 2016, "Delaware's place in the State of the Union."

Huffington Post, January 13, 2016, "Affirmative Action in College Admissions: Yes or No?"


Wired, December 19, 2015, "2015 Is the Year the FCC Finally Grew a Spine.", December 15, 2015, "National survey shows public still opposes Internet 'fast lanes' but resists government regulation."

Delaware Public Media, December 14, 2015, "UD poll finds large support for 'net neutrality'."

U.S. News and World Report, November 6, 2015, "Presidential candidates don't need the media."

BYU Radio, Matt Townsend Show, October 28, 2015, "Facebook Effect, Disability Awareness, Workplace Culture."

The New York Times, The Opinion Pages, October 19, 2015, "Invitation to a Dialogue: Our Meager News Diet."

WHYY's NewsWorks, October 8, 2015, "Facebook comments influence at the ballot box."

6abc Action News, WPVI-TV, Philadelphia, PA, October 2, 2015, "Speculation swirls about Biden presidential run."

Minnesota Star Tribune, May 15, 2015, "Periscope ups the ante for sports, media and politics."

The Atlantic, February 14, 2015, "Waiting for the Conservative Jon Stewart."

The News Journal's Delaware Online, February 13, 2016, "Philadelphia Democratic convention 'great' for Delaware."

CBS News, Feb 5, 2015, "Obamacare for the Internet? GOP evolves on net neutrality."


Forbes, Dec, 17, 2014, “If Comcast Loses, Millennials Win.”

Providence Journal, November 24, 2014, “A Net Neutrality Push.”

Quartz, November 12, 2014, "Fox News viewers are the least informed about net neutrality."

The Washington Post, November 12, 2014, “New poll: Republicans and Democrats both overwhelmingly support net neutrality.”

The Washington Post, October 20, 2014, “New poll finds marijuana legalization enjoys strong support in Delaware, a 2016 target for advocates.”

Huffington Post, October 15, 2014, “People’s Opinions On Voter ID Laws Can Be Racialized Thanks To One Image, Study Shows.”

The News Journal's Delaware Online, October 3, 2014, “Beau Biden Remains Popular, Poll Shows.”

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