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Politics for Your Ears

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Join the conversation about political podcasts!

Nancy Karibjanian, Director of the University of Delaware's Center for Political Communication

The University of Delaware's Center for Political Communication announces "Politics for Your Ears"! Twice a month during the fall and spring, I will feature an episode from one of our favorite political podcasts and invite you to share your thoughts about it. Featured podcasts will provide insight to the political process and issues; model civil discourse; and offer information, tools, and resources that help citizens to advance their own knowledge. 

All are welcome to join the conversation, from the University of Delaware to the greater community. I will share discussion questions on the CPC's Facebook page (@UDEpicenter) and here on this page. Reply to our Facebook post using the hashtag #VoicesOfUDel. You can also email me at At the end of the week, I will share my favorite comments about the featured podcast.

Suggestions are encouraged! Please share a favorite podcast episode that you think advances the conversation about politics.

A note about civil dialogue: We are committed to hearing your diverse views, and controversial or unpopular opinions will be shared and received with same respect and tolerance as widely accepted opinions. Be prepared for others to disagree as part of a free and open exchange of ideas. We will not, however, tolerate inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic comments that are intended to provoke an emotional response or disrupt the conversation. We will immediately address any abusive, bigoted, sexist, obscene and/or racist comments posted on the CPC's social media platforms, especially if they have the potential to escalate to threats or hate speech. We may decide to block, unfollow, or hide people and posts. For more information, please read Facebook's Community Standards.

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Politics for Your Ears
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