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Past National Agenda Events

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National Agenda 2019: Direction DemocracyNational Agenda 2019: Direction Democracy<p>John Della Volpe’s job is to ask questions, and he spends a lot of time thinking about Millennials. At the final event of the University of Delaware’s National Agenda speaker series on November 20, he queried, “What keeps young people up at night?” UD junior Alyssa Hornung replied that she is angry about college debt and the soaring cost of health care. She confirmed the observations of Della Volpe, the director of polling for Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics.<br></p> Agenda 2019: Direction Democracy featuring John Della VolpeMeasuring Millennials Direction Democracy
National Agenda - David DeWaltNational Agenda - David DeWalt<p>​September 26, 2018―In the second event of the National Agenda 2018 speaker series, UD alumnus David DeWalt (EG 86) urged Americans to focus more attention on cybersecurity. The noted tech executive and cybersecurity expert David DeWalt spoke about the importance of identity monitoring, privacy, and filling the current gender gap in the cybersecurity industry.</p> Agenda 2018: "Midterm Matters" featuring David DeWaltDavid DeWalt talks online security Midterm Matters
National Agenda 100511National Agenda 100511<p>Corruption, tribalism and a resurgent Taliban threaten to undo any gains made in Afghanistan during America's longest war, <em>The Washington Post's</em> Pamela Constable told a University of Delaware National Agenda speaker series audience Wednesday night, Oct. 5, in Mitchell Hall. Constable, deputy foreign editor at the <em>Post</em>, has spent much of the last decade in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan and returned from South Asia just a few days before the presentation. The outlook in Afghanistan, she said, is bleak.</p> Agenda 2011: Girding for Battle featuring Pamela ConstableMess in Afghanistan Girding for Battle

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Past National Agenda Events
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